Style Tips From The Best Fashion Designers In The World

When it comes to looking and feeling one’s best, the easiest way to achieve a lift in confidence and mood, is through fashion and the clothes that one wears. However, fashion and style can easily go wrong and many people don’t know how to choose the best clothes for their body type. We will cover a few tips and tricks from the best fashion designers around the world that can surely make anyone look their best.

Be sure to show skin strategically. This tip applies to women who want to look truly sexy. This basically means that instead of wearing clothes that exposes it all, choose only one body part to expose and make sure the rest are covered. For example, if the legs are shown in a short dress or skirt then make sure that the cleavage and upper body is covered. This creates a very classy and mysterious effect that leaves more to the imagination while still being sexy.

Most women have closets that are full of neutral colored clothes that are navy, blue and black. In order to add energy and style to these colors, wear colorful accessories and shoes. A black dress can be highlighted with a red bag and red heels. This can be taken a step further and a neutral base can be highlighted by shoes and bag that are in two different but complementary colors.

When it comes to buying jeans, it can be challenging to get a good fit. One tip is to look for jeans that have 95% cotton and 5% lycra spandex. Jeans that are made with this ratio of materials will be form fitting and also keep their shape over the years. It is important to always buy jeans that have at least 2% lycra spandex since these won’t sag or get baggy, no matter how many times they are worn.

Another common mistake that many women make is they don’t wear pants that are the correct length for their shoes. In order to prevent this fashion faux pas, simply hem the pants so that it grazes the top of the shoes. The hem should generally be between half inch to three quarter inches from the floor.

It is important to take the shape of one’s body in mind when choosing clothes. For example, short and petite women should avoid clothes that are too billowy or tall. Instead, they should wear dresses with a defined waist that fall just above the knee. On the other hand, larger women should wear clothes that are darker since these will make them look smaller and more shapely.

In closing, when it comes to style and fashion, it is important to not only dress for one’s body but also according to one’s personal tastes. After all, the clothes that are worn are supposed to reflect the individual and that is what truly counts. So, be sure to keep these tips from the best fashion designers around the world in mind when shopping for new clothes.

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